Super MushroomEdit

Super Mushroom Mario universe

Type Recovering
Effect Various

The Super Mushroom is a item from the Mario universe.The Super Mushroom is slightly bigger than the Poison Mushroom. The Super Mushroom make characters bigger. Here are the following side effects:

  • Lasts about 10 seconds.
  • Attacks deal more damage and knockback.
    Mario icon
  • Slightly increases jumping height.
  • Thrown Items go farther and deal more damage.
  • Falling is faster.
  • Character becomes heavier, decreasing Knockback resistance.
  • The character's sound effects and voice become lower pitched. This does not affect gameplay (aside from the chance of causing distracting laughter).

This will also be an item in Super Smash Flash 2.

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[3]Super Mushroom in Mushroom Kingdom III. Add a photo to this gallery